Fosters Gallery

Meet some of the amazing fosters we have welcomed to The Moon Dog Farm. Patience, love, companionship and time allow these creatures to heal and move into their new forever homes.

Woody (now Gunner) came to us starved, frostbitten and left in an abandoned building in the dead of winter to die.
Look at him now, thriving and looking after his wonderful family.

Gracie (now Anaka) was used as a bait dog. She was full of puncture wounds and left on the side of the road. A good Samaritan brought her into the shelter and her life saved. Gracie came to The Moon Dog Farm for continued healing and socialization. Look at her now!

Meet our sweet Zulu. We think his mom had distemper causing him neurological issues. His short life was surrounded with much love by all- especially us. Run free Zulu.

Bodhi (now Keenan) was tied to a tree in the forest preserves and used as a bebe and paintball target practice, resulting in many open wounds and welts. He was also full of bug bites. Once stabilized, he joined us at TMDF and then onto his adoptive home. Look at him now!

Sometimes we have short, in between stays- we love those too! Meet Scout and Harper (now Rex) and Harley (now Mason) and Buddy. Are all thriving in their new homes. Happy to announce Buddy is a permanent resident at The Moon Dog Farm.