Sacred Space Services

Call it staging, call it organizing or interior design… what Jill does for a room or house is much more. She creates a space of nurturing energy, an inviting, calming sanctuary, a restorative place—a place to call home.

Change the environment to get results. Do you have real estate that just won’t sell? A loved one facing a long recovery at home? A house that just doesn’t feel right since a death or divorce? Jill’s skills are proven to accelerate a positive outcome in each of these cases. Jill will help you identify changes that can transform your space into a positive, welcoming environment. Small adjustments can impact us both consciously and unconsciously to produce a spiritual resonance of wellbeing. They make a space into a place of peace and security — a place you’ll want to be.

Jill removes the stress in distressed properties Jill has a gift for finding the perfection in imperfection. She combines the Japanese esthetic of Wabi Sabi with an elemental understanding of the psychology of space. This unique combination is the basis for her services. Properties that have been languishing on the market for months sell quickly after Jill stages them. A small investment in Jill’s time can mean a big return.

Professional Services:

Staging Consultation:

Home or office staging is a procedure in which we prepare your home for sale to maximize your return on investment.Jill will conduct an extensive walkthrough of the property and when finished, share what requires attention to prepare it for sale or rent.

Staging Occupied Homes:

Preceded by the consultation, this service space clears and stages your existing furnishings in a functional and stylish manner which provides more space and value. Statistics show that home staging increases value and helps sell it faster, giving you peace of mind and assisting you to receive full income potential.

Interior Decorating:

Tired of your current look? Want change and not sure where to begin? Let us help you update and recreate a specific room or your entire home. We will discuss what areas need focus, upgrading, carpets, accessories, art or color to transform your existing look into a new, fresh and organized environment.

Does your office need a new look? Consider interior redesign. While utilizing your existing furniture, together, we select colors, window treatments, art and accessories to create the look you desire while remaining stylish and functional. Get a new refreshed look with very little investment.

Using ancient teachings of Feng Shui, Wabi Sabi and Vatsu Jill helps creates nurturing interiors which provide energetic harmony in your home.