Sacred Space the Course

Our homes are the most important elements in our lives. When we have a beautiful and comfortable home, it serves as a place for peace and rejuvenation. You do not have to be wealthy or have a large house to create a space that constantly reminds you of your own deepest values and hopes and inspires you to realize them.

Learn the 12 essential tools that will let you transform your current living environment into a sacred/ healing space–an organized, calm and relaxing reflection of your own individual style that helps create wellness by replenishing your energy and providing inner peace.

Topics covered:

  • Transform your current living space to one that’s peaceful and comfortable
  • Gain a greater understanding of how a small change in your external world will create a big change n your internal one
  • Learn the 12 essential tools already present in your home that will help you create a sacred space
  • Realize the powerful influences already present in the physical environment in which you live and work
  • Explore contemplations and suggestions that help you dig deeper to identify changes you need to make in your current living space

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