Jill is a pleasure to work with and has an extra added service to offer my clients. I had few homes that were getting a lot of activity but no offers. After she staged them, I had offers on the properties within 30 days and closed on them shortly after that. I have found Jill’s service to be very valuable. She is able create an atmosphere that captures the buyer and creates a very good feel in the home. Beth Ciszek, Personal Touch Realty, Inc


I firmly believe there are no coincidences. This month I decided to renew the lease in the apartment. I really wanted to start new somewhere else but at the end decided to take this year here to make this place a home, to change the energy for the better. In the past four years this place has been the witness to many transitions; divorce, bankruptcy, broken heart, and many more negative emotions. This course is perfect for what I want to achieve with our home and lives. – Dalia


Thank you for helping me to personalize my home and create one which I am happy to return to! – MS


Your overall purpose and intent of presentation pushed me to go deeper and create a sacred space throughout my home, thank you! – DP


I’m excited to have found this course. I just completed what I hope is my last move for a few years. I want to make this place my SACRED home that feels like a sanctuary once I walk through the door. – L.A.


Perfect timing. Have started to work on my ‘energy’ – learning Qigong. Also started gathering stones and nature’s gifts wanting to make my home sacred. I am gifted to join with you. Namaste. – Beth


It’s wonderfully appropriate that this course starts with the space within. Truly, all we see in the world around us is ultimately a reflection of what is within us. What a great reminder. Thank you! – TS


Jill was respectful of the differences in everyone’s own personal journeys and tastes used in many cultures ideas. She dispelled a lot of myths, excellent teacher. – BB


Through Jill’s teachings, I enjoyed learning about essential oils and the meaning of colors. It helped reinforce my creation of sacred space in my home. -MGC