Identity Pursuit (The Game)

A brand new game inspired by Sacred Contracts, the New York Times bestseller by the great author, teacher — and my dear friend — Caroline Myss. It’s called Identity Pursuit, and in Caroline’s own words, it is an “outrageously enjoyable way to understand the basics of how archetypes work in our lives.”


Have you ever described yourself as a Rebel? A Confidante? How about a Free Spirit? A Do-It-Yourselfer? What does it mean to be any one of these? If you could create your own list of archetypes, what would it look like? Do you think others would agree with your choices? Would you agree with theirs? Come explore these questions and many more when you play Identity Pursuit! It’s more than a wonderful game. It’s an ingenious intuitive tool that helps you discover and understand who you are through your archetypes-the patterns of your personality that hold so many answers to why we all behave the way we do. It’s a fascinating, delightful journey like no other. Come find yourself.

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