Lilly White

After many successful years working in retail sales and marketing, Lilly White realized that she was increasingly drawn to helping others fulfill their highest potential. After studying with such experts as Caroline Myss, Dr. Doreen Virtue and Dr. Mario Martinez, Lilly moved to Almonte. She Opened White Light Retreat to house The Trinity Table and to host workshops.


In April 2011 she opened Whitelight, the White Lilly a retail service business at 14 Mill St, Heritage Court, Almonte. Whitelight houses the Trinity Table, Whitelight is the only facility in Canada that houses The Trinity Table. There are presently 35 in the world. This devise will help you relax as you spin counter clock wise in a relaxed atmosphere of soft lights, eyes covered and music in background. It is under this trance that you enter your alpha state and it is where true healing occurs. You will experience a deep level of meditation not found in our traditional culture.

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