Personal Personal Preference, Inc.

PPI had a niche market in home parties art. With an extensive 5000 piece inventory of images, their 52,000 sq foot building needed organization, redesign and clearing. Reorganization of 5000 images subsequently barcoded provided production and operational flow. Implemented teachings of Wabi Sabi, Feng Shui, Vatsu and space clearing were used to create a peaceful environment for staff and customers.


When PPI decided to condense from 52,000 sq ft to 10,000, liquidation of all machinery (compressors, saws, laminating equipment, bulk paper cutters, nailers) warehouse materials (shelving, pallet racking, pallet jacks) business equipment (photo copiers, cubicles, books, office supplies) furniture and fixtures; a task which was to completed in 12 weeks netting PPI half of the profits of original price paid. Items that did not sell were collaborated with local schools, and charities to make donations.

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