Joseph Campbell said “Sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again” and I couldn’t agree more, as our homes are more than just the décor we choose, they are exterior reflections of who we are. When our homes are centers of peace and calm, we feel restored. How are you creating peace and calm in your home?


That is the purpose of this blog, designed to be easy and user friendly, with simple comments, suggestions and reminders to the sacredness that exists in our everyday worlds and to put us in touch them again.


Thank you for reading and creating your sacred space style along the way…


Let’s begin!

Morning Coffee


When I poured my coffee into my favorite mug this morning, it got me to thinking, why is this my favorite mug? We do that, having favorites- the item aging along with us, or in some cases, aged to a level of perfection before it became ours.  I took pause and gazed around the kitchen paying special attention to the items I chose for decor.  My kitchen is happy, strange as that may sound, it is. There is a unison in the way I  coordinated my black enamel painted second hand table and misfitted chairs which sits atop a floral patterned rug that I was able to get on clearance while being  surrounded by bright cheerfully painted walls in colors named “Parakeet Green” and “Chivalry Copper”.  I especially love the overflowing Tuscan olive pottery urn which is home to assorted silk flowers colored in ivories , soft yellows, pale celery and burnt oranges.  My absolute favorite item in all my kitchen is a sign I have above a doorway that says “nice people rock”,  picked up at an art fest years ago, I loved it for its simplicity and subtle reminder.


How about you? What room are you in at this moment where you can choose your favorite item? What deems it so? What memory did it trigger?



Inspired work.


We are often lulled into complacency by the contentment of everyday life. When we are in our comfort zones, it can be difficult to remain motivated and inspired.


I went through a major transition in my work seven days ago, a long term contract had come to an end. Although bittersweet, I am ever grateful for the gifts this client and contract provided. A solid message that I am proud to align with, continued growth and success, networking and travel, and greater passion and joy for my work.


I am fortunate to work from home and continually draw inspiration from the blessings surrounding me. My day is spent in a peaceful and quiet environment with four rescued animals who lay at my feet and favorite books lining my bookshelves. Atop my distressed pine desk is a mug that says “make it happen” joined with a carved wood fertility goddess and paperweight that says “integrity”. Simple things.


What items or sayings  keep you motivated to do your best work?