Inspired work.


We are often lulled into complacency by the contentment of everyday life. When we are in our comfort zones, it can be difficult to remain motivated and inspired.


I went through a major transition in my work seven days ago, a long term contract had come to an end. Although bittersweet, I am ever grateful for the gifts this client and contract provided. A solid message that I am proud to align with, continued growth and success, networking and travel, and greater passion and joy for my work.


I am fortunate to work from home and continually draw inspiration from the blessings surrounding me. My day is spent in a peaceful and quiet environment with four rescued animals who lay at my feet and favorite books lining my bookshelves. Atop my distressed pine desk is a mug that says “make it happen” joined with a carved wood fertility goddess and paperweight that says “integrity”. Simple things.


What items or sayings  keep you motivated to do your best work?



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