Morning Coffee


When I poured my coffee into my favorite mug this morning, it got me to thinking, why is this my favorite mug? We do that, having favorites- the item aging along with us, or in some cases, aged to a level of perfection before it became ours.  I took pause and gazed around the kitchen paying special attention to the items I chose for decor.  My kitchen is happy, strange as that may sound, it is. There is a unison in the way I  coordinated my black enamel painted second hand table and misfitted chairs which sits atop a floral patterned rug that I was able to get on clearance while being  surrounded by bright cheerfully painted walls in colors named “Parakeet Green” and “Chivalry Copper”.  I especially love the overflowing Tuscan olive pottery urn which is home to assorted silk flowers colored in ivories , soft yellows, pale celery and burnt oranges.  My absolute favorite item in all my kitchen is a sign I have above a doorway that says “nice people rock”,  picked up at an art fest years ago, I loved it for its simplicity and subtle reminder.


How about you? What room are you in at this moment where you can choose your favorite item? What deems it so? What memory did it trigger?



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4 Responses to Morning Coffee

  1. beth says:

    Your kitchen DOES look happy! I, too, have some happy rooms in my home. My happiest is the sunroom, which I have turned into a meditation room. The walls are a lavender, and the trim is green. My favorite items is probably the “tree of life” antique rug on the floor, that I picked up at an auction. I honestly wasn’t sure why I bought it at the time, but it ended up fitting perfectly in this space!

    • Jill Angelo says:

      thank you Beth! your rug sounds wonderful, would love to see a picture. Even better is how you purchased the rug. I love finding treasured finds. Thank you for responding.

  2. Kathleen Botsford says:

    Love this photo!

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